Thursday, May 7, 2009

Off Topic- Link to classmates Videos

Off topic, but need to post links to some of my talented classmates videos and podcasts, so here they are:

>>> Podcast by my boy Carlos

Mattson Tomlin

Ben Goldstein & Madeleine McMillan

Data Dog World

Maya Solovey

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Alladin Project
X-Dream party
Orb Festival 09

As the weather gets warmer and the Summer draws closer, many of us get ready for the outdoor party season to finally start. During the cold winter season, most parties are held in clubs, lofts, and warehouses. But in the summer time, there are parties held at parks, on the beach, and sometimes even rooftops. It makes the whole party experience a totally different one.

One of the biggest psytrance festivals held in New York is the Orb Festival by Alladin Project. This year will be their third festival, held at Echo Lake in Afton New York (3 1/2hr drive from the city). The lineup this year is VERY impressive as I just received news that Simon Posford will be joining the lineup to perform a Shpongle DJ set, and Hallucinogen Live! Its been a while since he last performed these classic acts here. There are close to twenty international acts with many DJs. I will be performing a DJ set for the third year in a row :) For more info on the Festival, check out there Orb website.

Also a video by Haim to give you a taste of the festival:

Alladin Project will be throwing a big party on May 15th, with one of the classic acts, X-Dream. They always put on an excellent and will be sure to rock the dance floor. If you are interested in attending the party, I will have a guestlist for the event so please contact me. More info on the party can be found here.

Reality Engine

As I'm sidetracking a little from the psytrance topic from the last Bella Gaia post, I will like to take this opportunity to introduce another very talented audio/visual artist/group based in New York. Luis Campos and Matayas Kelemen are two DJs and producers that have established quite a name for them selves in the dance music scene over the years. The two have joined forces to perform an improvised Live audio/visual show- Reality Engine.

Check out some of their work:

both of the music for the past two videos were minimal, but for those psytrance heads, you'll enjoy this one:

Yes, their work is very talented with an artistic element,yet psychedelic. Its not the usual music video, since the music and visuals are inextricably linked, and they are both improvised for their live shows. Aimed for the dance floors of clubs and festivals, they currently in the process of booking gigs for the 2009 & 2010 season.

Check out their myspace

Youtube Channel

Bella Gaia = Beautiful Earth
by Kenji William

Bella Gaia is the project produced by renowned musician, artist, and director, Kenji Williams. Its a new multiplatform immersive theater experience running in the forefront of the audio & visual industry. In other words, its not your usual audio/visual show, as there is so much more to it...

You should first take a look at a short clip to get an idea of the show:

Bella Gaia is a new form of multimedia show where art meets science and education. Through the audio/visual live performance by Kenji against a large-screen backdrop of orbiting visuals of earth from space (provided by NASA), BELLA GAIA conveys a greater personal understanding and appreciation of our Planet Earth. It is a powerful entertainment and educational outreach vehicle for planetariums, science centers, universities, government agencies and other institutions

There are two versions of performance to this project: the full dome version and the HD performance version. The full dome production is conducted in a digital planetarium, as the HD version is for flat-screen theatres or special events, to concerts and festivals. Kenji has been performing Bella Gaia since 2008, and showcased at NASA’s Earthday, to Fiske Planetarium in Colorado, and Tokyo’s finest Hokutopia Planetarium.

Keep an eye out for Bella Gaia to come to a city near you!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kenji Williams and the Bella Gaia Project

This semester, I have had the wonderful opportunity to intern and work with the internationally renown award winning filmmaker, music producer, and classically-trained violinist: Kenji Williams and his Bella Gaia project. Bella Gaia is Kenji's current project, but I'll explain that later on since most people from my viral class reading this blog won't even know who he is...

People in the trance scene know him as the guy with the violin :p Yes, his signiture style is the traditional violin that he blends on top of pre-produced, cutting edge EDM (electronic dance music). The result of crossing traditional boarders by fusing an analogue string instrument with synthetic electronic music = a very unique and original sound that few musicians in the world come close to.

Check out a videos of him rockin a few parties in Tokyo:

Kenji Williams is a composer and producer of 6 music albums, Director of 15 films and music videos, 3 feature length projects, and 3 multimedia theatrical live shows!
He has been involved in the scene since the early 90's and is considered by many as the "next level" multimedia artist. He is always pushing new limits in search of the next big movement in the audio/ visual industry, as he currently focuses on the Bella Gaia project. Next blog is on Bella Gaia*

Check out his website for more, info, pics, and videos:

He's also playing in Tokyo on 5/5/09 @ Tokyo Salon.
More info @

>>> There are lots of videos of him & his work on youtube too

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Psytrance Video & my Podcast mix for Purchase Viral Marketing Class

Its been a while since I last updated my blog due to the overwhelming amount of work that I have these days, as graduation draws very close. But Finally, I created my two short films & podcast so I would like to share it with everyone.

The first video is a preview of the Orb Festival by Alladin Project. The festival takes place in upstate Afton NY on July 9 - 13th, and it is the only outdoors psychedelic trance festival in NY. There is another Festival in Philladelphia called Gaian Mind, on June 11-14th, but for now, I'm sticking to psytrance only in NY. I will be performing at the Orb Festival again, and it will be my third time playing there :) You can find videos of the festival & my self playing at the previous Orb festivals on youtube. Look for user/ channel psytechnologist.

The following video is a glimpse of our biweekly Psycheground parties held at Sullivan Room. Psycheground is currently the longest running weekday psytrance party and has a reputation of throwing quality events with international headliners every so often. Our next one is scheduled in mid May with a new concept. More info soon.

And finally my podcast project. I created a 7 and a half minute micro-mix of some new psychedelic trance music. I created this micro-mix using four songs, and various samples and loops and mixed everything together. When I play in front of people, I usually wouldn't mix one song to the other this quickly. However, this song is intended for the viral marketing class members, and I assumed most of them to have never heard of this type of music. So I made this mix with that in mind, using lots of vocals (which usually turns off a lot of psy heads), and less repeated loops and grooves. Well, I'll appreciate any kind of feedback (positive and negative) and hope you enjoy the mix. Please download from the link below.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bi-weekly NY Psytrance event- Psycheground @ Sullivan Room- March 19th 2009

It has been one of those crazy busy weeks, even though I should be on Spring Break... Catching up with work, my mother flying in from Japan, internship, and organizing events, all came at once. But I guess that's how life is...

Anyways, we had to make so many last minute rearrangements for our bi-weekly psytrance party, "Psycheground" @ Sullivan Room. A DJ canceled on us a couple of days ago, but we were very fortunate to have support from Guilliume Clave (an active member in the scene) to offer us Pixel, one of the biggest international acts in the scene, who just happened to be in town for a gig on Saturday the 21st.

The Psychedelic trance scene in New York is very small and still underground compared to some of the other major cities in the world. There is so much potential within the city and the scene, but the bull-shit politics involved in the scene keeps it from growing... It is complete non-sense since the scene is so small, but several individual's egos tend to get in the way to create such a negative vibe... Buttt, many of us strive, to bring back the scene to what it used to be in the early 2000's, by educating, nurturing, and slowly but expanding all who are involved. Simply for the love of the music, the scene, and the people...

I believe this party is another small step towards our ultimate goal, as we were able to gather various members and organizers under one roof which rarely happens here in New York. Hommega, TDC, YBB, Omnitribe, Alladin, and Dreamcatchers, are who will be a part of this event. And much appreciation to Guillaume for his support & super positive vibes (not to forget his upcoming event "Voyager 1" on Saturday March 21st).

Anyways enough with the rambling... Come check out the event if you happen to be in town. I know for sure its gonna be a really good party, with positive vibes, and great energy. Here's the info:

--- Thursday March 19th, 2009 ---


> 10:00- 12:30..... Animaltek
--- (Omnitribe/ Treibstoff/ Resopal/ Living- Russia/ NYC)

> 12:30- 1:30...... Knob (Alladin Group- JP/ NY)

> 1:30- 2:30....... Pixel - (Hommega - Israel)
------------------Special set preview of Voyager 1 !!!

> 2:30- 4:30....... Muktisvara (TDC Records- Russia/NYC)
--- Tag team set & 1st appearence @ Psycheground

Decoration by Dreamcatchers

2 for 1 drinks from 10:00-11:00pm.
party is from- 10pm - 4:30am

@ Sullivan Room, New York City
218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave)

General Admission: $10.00
RSVP to for $5.00 guestlist
OR contact me directly (914)-473-4802

Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to "W 4 St - Wash Sq"

21+ with ID